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Happy 6 Month Anniversary to us!

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

March 1st was our 6 month anniversary! Happy 6 months to us! 🥳 It also occurred to me that I am not very good at blog posts! 😂

We have been so very fortunate that brides are finding us through our social media and word of mouth (the best kind of advertising). I think that our concept of having one bride at a time, to lavish her with attention, be attentive to her guests, and not rush her decision-making process is really resonating with brides that are trying to plan a wedding in still uncertain times. Although we are getting to a good place with COVID in our area we now are faced with rising costs from the grocery store to gas stations and even the fabrics being used in our gowns. But we are certain that by pulling together as we often do in tough times, we will come out of these times stronger, wiser, and more resilient. Of course, we can't mention current events without saying how much we are praying for Ukrainians and our wedding designer friends living in Ukraine. May you see peace again very soon and may you feel the outpouring of love and humanitarian aid from around the world.💕

I have recently introduced my own private collection that gives me a lot of freedom to really bring in styles that I personally hand pick for brides around central Wisconsin. I named the collection Mi Amore (my love in Spanish) in honor of my late mother that sadly didn't have the chance to see my dream come true. All the names of my gowns in my new collection will be beautiful Spanish names too. Be sure to check this new collection out, I know you are going to LOVE it! As a side note, the pink in my logo and the pops of pink color is also a nod to my mom because her favorite color was pink and would often quote from the movie Steel Magnolia's "my colors are blush and bashful....your colors are PINK and PINK". 😂

I am so excited to see what the next six months bring to Caroline's! We have a great idea to add to our tuxedo rentals that we think our brides and grooms are going to LOVE! I have so many ideas for events and sample sales! The hardest part is keeping them under wraps until I am ready to reveal them! Next week we will be traveling to Chicago to attend Bridal Market, where hundreds of designers gather in a mega-overload of so many beautiful things like bridal gowns, mothers, accessories and tuxedos! We will be talking to designers for mothers' dresses and possibly prom. We will see what we can find that is both beautiful and affordable for our area. *fingers crossed*

Until next time, stay beautiful and remember, you can't love anyone else until you love yourself first. XOXO~Norah

Lady in pink shirt standing in front of white wedding dresses
Norah, Owner of Caroline’s Bridal Boutique

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